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Written by Mototok on September 9, 2022 // 12:00 PM

GSE for Your Corporate Fleet


We talk a lot about commercial jets here and the benefits of using a remote control tug as a tool for talent efficiency. We talk about how you can reduce the manpower requirements for your organization by investing in our tools and how you can use technology to make the most of a depleted workforce.


Written by Mototok on July 8, 2022 // 12:00 PM

Mototok Tugs: A Natural Fit for Sea Duty


Since the early days of military aviation, the idea of operating off of a boat has existed and been put into practice. And it only makes sense: it takes an enormous logistics chain to move a combat aviation unit from one fixed base to another fixed base across the globe.


Written by Mototok on June 24, 2022 // 12:00 PM

Beating the Global Supply Chain Problems


The aftermath of the past two years has sent shockwaves across the world markets. They may have begun as ripples, but the ripples have turned into waves as the international supply chains go from one shock to the next with no real time for reset along the way.


Written by Mototok on May 6, 2022 // 12:00 AM

How the Rising Cost of Fuel is Impacting Aviation


Unless you have managed to stay indoors for the past year, you have undoubtedly noticed your fuel bill rising. But, of course, it isn’t just your fuel bill for your car or truck; it manifests itself in every single consumable item you purchase.


Written by Mototok on February 25, 2022 // 12:00 PM

The Pathway to Better Energy Storage


Everyone born in the last four or five decades or sooner has grown up with the ever-present idea of the electrification of vehicles. Moreover, it was always present in science-fiction movies.


Written by Mototok on December 30, 2021 // 12:00 PM

Revisiting the Technician Shortage

Mototok helicopter

It has been nearly three years since the last time we wrote on the subject of a workforce shortage of trained aircraft technicians. Needless to say, a lot has changed since then.


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