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Written by Mototok on August 19, 2020 // 10:15 AM

What Does a Recovery Look Like

covid-19 recovery

COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Still aviation has many different possibilities to recover from this pandemic. Here are some of them.


Written by Mototok on April 23, 2020 // 8:00 AM

MRO Futures and Outlook Amid a Global Crisis

Motor Reparatur

By now, we are all painfully aware of the COVID-19, commonly known as “Coronavirus”, which has been deemed a global pandemic by the World Health Organization in March. Since then, the aviation market as a whole has, well, completely tanked to be perfectly honest. It was flying at a critical angle of attack, and now is in an unbroken stall, maybe even a spin. This is a critical and honest appraisal of the MRO industry, as well as associated support markets (namely GSE), and where they are headed by the numbers.


Written by Mototok on March 17, 2020 // 12:00 PM

How Emerging Technologies Will Change Ground Operations and MX

technologies MX

Aerospace is a technology-driven discipline which has largely been locked into archaic maintenance practices and technologies, practices which are largely unchanged over the course of the last six or seven decades. Visual inspections on aircraft which are roughly the length of a football field can take hours, and it is impossible to fully inspect the surface of the aircraft.


Written by Mototok on February 6, 2020 // 10:00 AM

Aviation Trends 2020: The future is now

flugzeugtrends 2020

Like any industry, those in the aviation industry must adapt and improve every year to remain competitive, help passengers travel safely, increase profits, and streamline manufacturing and operations. However, as our society becomes more digitized in the 21st century, stakeholders in the industry must continue to adapt with them. You may use some of this technology today, but we believe some of the tips below will become more mainstream in the year to come.


Written by Mototok on January 9, 2020 // 4:00 PM

Safety Principles of Operating Aircraft Tugs

aircraft tug

Aircraft tugs are real modern marvels, moving aircraft weight hundreds of tons all day, every day. These movements come with very real risks every single time, and we are going to look at those now.


Written by Mototok on January 6, 2020 // 4:00 PM

Military Specific Applications of Remotely Operated GSE

military tug

Remotely operated and autonomous ground support equipment (GSE), particularly aircraft tugs, represent a valuable alternative to traditional units. Military users have long been users of traditional GSE, but does this hamper operational requirements and demands?


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