The flexible one. Our most popular model series for MRO and FBO.
Designed for regional aircraft and business jets with single or double nose wheel and wheeled helicopters.

Aircraft like

  • Global 6000
  • Lineage
  • Legacy
  • Gulfstream
  • Dassault Falcon
  • and many others

Nearly all wheeled Helicopter like

  • Sikorsky
  • Airbus
  • Bell
  • Leonardo / AugustaWestland
Mototok TWIN 7500NG with a Dassault Falcon
Mototok TWIN 7500NG with a Dassault Falcon
Mototok TWIN 7500NG with a Gulfstream
Mototok TWIN 7500NG with a Gulfstream
Mototok TWIN 7500NG shows its maneuverability with a Gulfstream
Mototok TWIN 7500NG shows its maneuverability with a Gulfstream
Mototok TWIN 7500NG with an Embraer Legacy 650
Mototok TWIN 7500NG with an Embraer Legacy 650
Mototok TWIN 7500NG with a Sikorsky S92
Mototok TWIN 7500NG with a Sikorsky S92
Mototok TWIN 7500NG with a Pilatus.
Mototok TWIN 7500NG with a Pilatus. Park your Aircraft using the last inch of your hangar.


Our compact tug – suitable for a wide range of aircraft. 6 different models available for aircraft up to 39, 50*, 55 and 75* tonnes (*also available as our model Flat with extreme low height) – 5 for MRO-/FBO-purposes and one (the T7000) for pushback applications.

This series comes with outstanding benefits, such as:

  • Full electric drive
  • Radio remotely controlled
  • Fully automatic nose gear engaging function: loads and unloads the nosewheel automatically with one tap on the remote
  • Only 1 person required for operation
  • Applicable for single or double nose wheel
  • Hydraulic adjustment of the mouth opening depth for wheels with small diameter
  • High powered electric motors
  • No driving license required
  • Minimal operating costs
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Park your aircraft using the last corner of your hangar and save space
  • Quickest Return on Investment


All TWIN-Models are standardly equipped with

  • Advanced Radio Remote Control
  • Fully automatic 1-click-loading system
  • Driving lights
  • Yellow flashlight and safety beeper


Optional Equipment

  • Ground power cable for ground power connection
  • Trailer coupling adaptor for multi-functional extensions
  • Automatic controls by ground markings (AGV functionality) 
  • Adaptations for special demands
  • Spiral cable connection (15 m) between Mototok and control unit instead of radio remote control
  • Saltwater resistance



Let the flexibility of the TWIN series convince you.

Mototok TWIN 7500NG tows an Embraer Lineage 1000
Mototok TWIN 7500NG Embraer Lineage 1000
Mototok TWIN 7500NG tows a Boeing BBJ 200
Mototok TWIN 7500NG with a Global 6000.
Mototok TWIN 7500NG with a Global 6000.
Single nosegear like this Cessna? No problem. Change from double to single nosegear in seconds.
Even helicopters with wheels can be manoeuvred easily and effortlessly with a Mototok TWIN.
Even helicopters with wheels can be manoeuvred easily and effortlessly with a Mototok TWIN.

Safety first

We care about your aircraft.

The hydraulic clamping mechanism of the TWIN-Series encloses the nose wheel fully hydraulically and sensor controlled with gentle force and prevents it from slipping out of the nose wheel platform. This technology is unique in this class of tugs.




A nosewheel is basically offset in order to remain safely on track during take-off and landing. Due to this, ground position point A isnot identical with construction related axis B on the landing gear.


Due to this design-related inclination of the nose wheel suspension,the nose wheel tilts sideways during a rotation of the Mototok. Thehydraulic safety paddles automatically compensate this and gentlyfixes always the nose wheel securely in position.

Take a look inside.



Automatic Hydraulic Nosegear Loading

Sensor controlled – smart, fast, easy and safe.



Loading the nose wheel with a Mototok TWIN electric tug is quick and easy. No winch, no lashing straps, no laborious bending down to fix the nose wheel. Let the hydraulic system do the work for you!



Drive the Mototok with opened hydraulical door and lowered platform towards the nose wheel of the aircraft until the nose wheel touches the inner wedge the nose wheel platform. Then press the start-button on the remote control.



The hydraulical door closes. If necessary, the sliding table is adjustable for fitting smaller nose wheels.



The sliding table presses the nose wheel towards the closed hydraulical door until a specified pressure is reached.



The platform lifts up and raises the nose wheel.



Lastly the operator has to bring down the safety paddles manually – ready for moving the aircraft. The whole procedure takes 10-15 seconds only.

Convenient Usage

Loading the nose gear is as simple as tapping a button on the remote.

Docking takes a matter of seconds from the rear or front of the nose wheel. Simply drive the Mototok up to the nose wheel. The wheel is then hydraulically fixed firmly in position and raised – ready for take off! All this with no awkward strap, no inconvenient winch. No bolts or tools are required.

  • Radio remote controlled operating under an industrial frequency code approved for airports
  • Automatic connection to the aircraft‘s nose wheel with one tap on a button of the remote
  • No straps, no winch, no tools required

More flexibility? Impossible.


The unique design of the hydraulic safety bar means that both single and double nosegear can be handled with ease. It only takes seconds to replace the bar. Additionally a wide range of wheel diameter can be operated.

Moving your Aircraft the innovative Way.

Manouevering with Mototok is the easiest by far. The fuselage and wingtips remain in position whilst turning the nose gear on the spot for manoeuvering. With Mototok both turning the nose gear and moving the aircraft are two completely different movements – the deciding advantage of the Mototok tug sytem. The result is a minimum requirement of space whilst shunting the aircraft. This example shows that turning an aircraft by 90° reduces manoevering space to a circle.

  • Best overall sight thanks to remote controlled maneuverings
  • No winches, no straps, automatic convenient and automatic quick nose gear loading
  • Low maintenance thanks to full electric drive
  • Lowest space requirement when pushing or pulling the aircraft
  • Safe thanks to sensor-controlled platform monitoring and hydraulic nose wheel pick-up
Low space requirement whilst moving Aircraft with a Mototok
See, why Mototok is so efficient with the space in the hangar and why manoeuvering is so safe: The Mototok can turn under the aircraft fuselage when manoeuvering - but the aircraft itself remains fixed in position. This is the unique advantage of the Mototok principle.

Why Mototok does a much better Job?

In direct comparison with Mototok, the disadvantages of the other tug systems are obvious.

Conventional Tractor with a Towbar


Maneuvering with a towbar means “steering by moving“. Turning the nose gear and moving the aircraft are two inseparable motions when using a tow bar. Turning the nose wheel is only possible when the aircraft is moved backwards or forwards. The aircraft has to be moved several metres for the nose gear to turn and move the aircraft into another direction. This in turn increases the space needed for extensive manoeuvering.

Others disadvantages are:

  • Many different tow bars have to be stored for different types of aircraft
  • High risk of accidents and damage of the aircraft
  • Minimum second person as a ,,wing walker" needede because the driver has no overview from his position
  • High maintenace level due to combustion engine
Other towbarless Tugs


This principle means also “steering by moving“. The space requirement for maneuvering is approximately the same as with using a tow bar.

  • Winches and straps for fixation often needed
  • Minimum second person as a ,,wing walker" needed because the driver has no overview from his position
  • The vehicles have big dimensions and need a lot of parking space
Tugs with a rotary table


The nose landing gear is clamped on a rotating turntable to prevent damage to the nose wheel if the maximum turning angle of the nose wheel is reached. The aircraft tractor can continue to turn, but the turntable remains stationary.

  • Can load the aircraft only from the side of the aircraft.
  • The Oversteering Protection that is supposed to take place through the use of the turntable only works reliably when pulling the aircraft. When pushing, the turntable behaves similarly to the caster of a shopping trolley due to the tracking of the nose wheels: the wheel will turn around its vertical axis. This can only be corrected by manually or electrically countersteering the table.
  • No automatic fixation of the nosegear: there is no technically simple way to bring hydraulic or electric lines into the rotating platform without risking a premature defect.
  • Safety issue: Due to the large and unfavourably placed drive wheels, there is a danger of crushing the operators feet during manoeuvring.

Ground Handling goes Digital.

The Mototok CPU.


Mototok offers a central processing unit (CPU) for features and adjustments relating to

  • Towing and braking forces
  • Oversteering protection
  • Voice announcements
  • Unit diagnostics
  • Log files
  • User access

The CPU can be linked with any mobile device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) via bluetooth, WLAN or USB and a standard internet browser (like Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). Once you are linked to the system, you are able to manage many kinds of adjustments of the Mototok.

Log in to operate with RFID.


The quickest log in can be done via a RFID-card and an appropriate card reader on the machine. According to the authorization level, the user is able to move the Mototok, check or adjust the settings or read out the log files.

Service Management. Online.


Work in collaboration online with our technicians if the need arises

With the help of Mototok cloud our technicians can access all para­meters of your tug in real time – all movements, switch positions and sensor values. We literally see what's happening to your tug right now.

Motototk TWIN-Series.

Choose yours.

TWIN 7500 NG Flat
TWIN 7500 NG
TWIN 6600 NG
TWIN 6500 NG Flat
TWIN 3900 NG
T 7000


Ground power included


The TWIN is equipped with Ground power sockets for supplying the aircraft with power for electrical equipment on board (cockpit, galley, air conditioning, etc.)

Charger included


Both the 48V charger for the Mototok batteries and the charger for the radio remote control are included.

Additional weight (optional)


A low nose wheel load on the aircraft can lead to traction problems. And the sloshing of the remaining aviation fuel in the aircraft's tanks in particular can cause sudden weight shifts. If the ground is also slippery (shiny floor) and slightly inclined, the Mototok may no longer have fully traction. With the help of the additional weights and our well-proven quartz sand tyres of the drive wheels with a higher contact area, traction can be increased considerably.

Trailor Coupling Adaptor (optional)


With the Mototok TWIN and our suitable towing adaptor, you can tow all heavy equipment such as GPU and other – safely and easily.

 Mototok TWIN 7500NG with a Dassault Falcon

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