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Spacer 8600 NG – the new dimension in pushing back aircraft.

Improve Your Pushback Operations efficiency significantly.

The new Spacer 8600 NG –
the success story continues …

Mototok launches the Spacer 8600 NG, equipped with numerous innovative features that focus on safety and simplicity.  Spacer 8600 is now considered state-of-the-art amongst compact pushback tractors – in terms of technology, economy and ecology.

Our towbarless tug is compatible with the most important short-haul aircraft:

  • Airbus A320 Family incl. 321 NEO
  • Boeing 737, Boeing 737 MAX
  • Embraer E-Jets
  • MHI / Bombardier CRJ
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Electrically Powered

Electrically powered pushback tugs.
Powerful and emission-free electric motors provide enormously powerful driving forces.


One-person job.
Thanks to radio remote control providing 100% visibility, working with a mototok is a foolproof one-man operation.

Low Space-Requirement
Low space requirement.

Mototok can be parked directly in the immediate vicinity of the gate without becoming an obstuction.

More Revenue thanks to power of engineering.

Cost Effective

Cost effective.
Enormous cost reduction in staff, operational and maintenance costs. Planning and scheduling becomes more easy and flexible.

No Driving Licence required

Everybody can use Mototok pushback tugs!
A Half-day training for the staff is all you need. No driving license required.

One for three boarding bridges

One for three.
One Mototok pushback tug is able to manage up to three boarding bridges.

Eco friendly and low maintenance.


No fuel costs.
Fully electrive drive – green and carbon dioxide free.

Fast recharging

Fast recharging.
Recharge Mototok Spacer fully in about 3 hours. Up to 30 pushback operations are possible with one battery charge.

Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance.
Compared to conventional combustion engines and other drive arrangements electric motorised machines are much less accident-sensitive.

New features

The enhanced SPACER 8600 NG has new features that further simplify operation on the tarmac e.g., onboard charger with CEE plug, so that it can be charged wherever an industrial socket is available, remote control now features an integrated display and many more.

On Board Charger with CEE Plug –
Charge anywhere anytime

On Board Charger with CEE-Plug
  • Charger stored inside the vehicle
  • Cable stored inside the vehicle
  • No fixed charging points
  • Self retracting cable optimal for everyday usage
  • Automatic cable drum left or right attachable

Integrated Towbar for towing the Tug

Integrated Towbar
  • with integrated storage compartment

Professional Safety radio Remote Control

  • 2,8" TFT LCD Display (240x320 Pixel, 65536 colors)
  • Safety performance up to PL e, SIL 3
  • Protection level IP65 and seawaterproof design
  • Dead man switch (falling)
  • Fall safe 1,5 m
  • Safe connection start up function
  • Frequency scanning and hopping
  • Secure key for safe access
  • Lithium battery with BMS and 9h battery life
Professional Radio Remote Control

„Internet of Things (IOT)“ - Interface

Mototok comes with a central processing unit (CPU) for features and adjustments relating to:
  • Towing and braking forces
  • Oversteering protection and counter steering
  • Unit diagnostics and health monitoring
  • Log files

The key data of the CPU

  • Intel® AtomTM E3826 system-on-chip (SOC) processor 
  • 2 GB DDR3L SODIMM 1066 MHz, non-ECC (up to 4 GB)
  • Built-in GNSS, WLAN, Bluetooth, and WWAN (with a dual SIM card slot) modules
CPU of the Mototok

Next Generation Permanent Magnet Synchronous Driving Motors

Next Generation Permanent Magnet Synchronous Driving Motors
  • Developed from university spin-off
  • Newest marked available technology:
    Magnetic flux field control · IPM technology
  • Energy efficient:
    Permanent magnets · Synchronous machine · Efficiency more than 96 %

New Ultrasoft Tires

New Ultrasoft Tires

With a specially designed load-bearing construction, the tyres used by Mototok for the Spacer 8600 NG enable safe transport of heavy loads with small wheel circumferences. The rubber compound guarantees high mileage and at the same time outstanding cut resistance with very low rolling resistance. A discussion with our specialists will clarify which tyre is specifically required for your application.

All tyres are characterised by:

  • High tipping stability
  • High load capacity
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Robust construction
  • High traction
  • Good lateral stability

These are the advantages of the new Spacer 8600 NG in comparison with our previous model

More power Possibility to use 96V Batteries
Higher range and time of use Possibility to use 400 Ah TSD Batteries
Faster loading automation increased hydraulic volume flow
Better traction new Continental rubber tires
Lower service costs Separate rim, tire, gear and motor for Service and Exchange
Improved service time Easy checking and changing tires without a large lifting platform
Tool free recovery Disengageable wheels from the new multi disk brakes, gears and engine
Tools Integrated Tow bar for active and passive castors every time on board
Improved Lighting Direction of Front, Rear, Break and Direction lights switch depending on driven direction
Anywhere Charging Onboard charger with automatic cable drum universal CEE plug
Improved Remote Control lithium battery, display, user interface and tool free exchangeable
Save stop feature for emergency, remote disfunction, radio range limit

Technical Data

width 2,760 mm 108.66"
length 3,500 mm 137.8"
height 658 mm 25.91"
unladen weight 5.1 t 11,240 lbs
track width engine 2,075 mm 81.69"
wheelbase 2,775 mm ± 120 mm 109.25" ± 4.72"
battery 96 V / 4 x 330 Ah  
voltage 96 V  
lifting weight 10 t 22,000 lbs
towing capacity 105 t 231,500 lbs


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