Mototok. The difference to any other tug system:Flexibility, safety, cost savings – at the highest innovative level.

Extremely powerful electric motors driven by high-performance, maintenance-free batteries with high cycling capability provide enormous driving forces. Extremely high initial torque ensures smooth accelera­tion, particularly at the start. The charging capacity is sufficient for lots of operations.

A big idea in a small format. Name: Mototok. Distinguishing features: Fully electric drive. Revolutionary in its simplicity. Extremely compact. Uniquely flexible. And very high performance. With the remote control of the Mototok, the operator is able to walk anywhere around the aircraft to see every vantage point. The operators eyes never leave the aircraft while it is in movement.

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Tons of benefits and less trouble by far

Mototok excels in tight situations: Park your aircraft safely, ­easily and effectively where you want: In the hangars corner, directly towards the hangars wall or near by other aircraft in the hangar. Save space in the process – accommodate up to 60% more aircraft in your hangar!

Operating with normal tugs with or without a towbar is intricate. Turning the nose wheel whilst maneuvering without moving the aircraft is impossible. Additionally the operator has to consider the exit path of the tug. Thus, parking the aircraft with old technology is unprofitable. You are not able to use your hangars full capacity.

The low height, the compact design and the radio remote control of mototok tugs gives you the fully control of the hangars space. It saves costs through optimized use of limited space.


Hangar Situation with a conventional Tow Tractor

Low utilization of your hangar with a conventional tow tractor or TBL. The biggest disadvantages are: All aircraft faces to the hangars gate because you have to consider the exit path of the tow tractor. Parking directly in a hangars corner is impossible. The distance between the aircraft has to beacceptably big.


Hangar Situation with Mototok Towbarless Tug

Up to 60% more utilization with an emission-free towbarless mototok aircraft tug. Park your aircraft directly towards a wall or in the hangars corner. You don't have to consider the exit path of mototok. “Stack“ aircraft – park your aircraft with extreme minimal distance. Maneuvering in extreme narrow situations is no problem.

Mototok. More Effectivity.


Inefficient and complicated job requiring 4 people


Safe and easy 1-Man-Operation thanks to remote control.

Benefits at a glance.

Increase Performance. Avoid Accidents.

Exceptionally Compact Design.

Thanks to Mototok's extremely flat format, you don't need to allow for an exit path in your hangar, and problems with equipment mounted underneath the fuselage are a thing of the past.

Easy and Safe Operation.

Automatic processes, full programmability and easy usage that doesn’t even require trainings: Human error posing risk to machines and men is virtually taken out of the equation.

One Man Operation.

As Mototok tugs are moved with a radio remote control providing 100% visibility, towing with a mototok is a foolproof one-man-operation without the need for a wingman.

Excellent Green Credentials.

Extremely powerful and emission-free electrical motors, driven by high-performance, maintenance-free GEL batteries with high cycling capability provide enormous driving forces.

Quickest ROI.

Low maintenance and personnel costs and a truly remarkable performance increase: Industrywide, Mototoks are the tugs with the quickest Return On Investment. 

Flexible Use.

Whether in the hangar, on the tarmac or in the production hall: one type of machine suitable to a wide range of machines, plus including GPU and Pushback. 

Automatic Hydraulic Nosegear Loading

Sensor controlled – smart, fast, easy and safe.



Loading the nose wheel with a Mototok TWIN electric tug is quick and easy. No winch, no lashing straps, no laborious bending down to fix the nose wheel. Let the hydraulic system do the work for you!



Drive the Mototok with opened hydraulical door and lowered platform towards the nose wheel of the aircraft until the nose wheel touches the inner wedge the nose wheel platform. Then press the start-button on the remote control.



The hydraulical door closes. If necessary, the sliding table is adjustable for fitting smaller nose wheels.



The sliding table presses the nose wheel towards the closed hydraulical door until a specified pressure is reached.



The platform lifts up and raises the nose wheel.



Lastly the operator has to bring down the safety paddles manually – ready for moving the aircraft. The whole procedure takes 10-15 seconds only.

Convenient Usage

Loading the nose gear is as simple as tapping a button on the remote.

Docking takes a matter of seconds from the rear or front of the nose wheel. Simply drive the Mototok up to the nose wheel. The wheel is then hydraulically fixed firmly in position and raised – ready for take off! All this with no awkward strap, no inconvenient winch. No bolts or tools are required.

  • Radio remote controlled operating under an industrial frequency code approved for airports
  • Automatic connection to the aircraft‘s nose wheel with one tap on a button of the remote
  • No straps, no winch, no tools required

Optional Features

Mototok CPU

Mototok CPU

Order Mototok with a central processing unit (CPU) for features and adjustments relating to

  • Towing and braking forces
  • Oversteering protection
  • Voice announcements
  • Unit diagnostics
  • Log files
  • User access

The CPU can be linked with any mobile device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) via bluetooth, WLAN or USB and a standard internet browser (like Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). Once you are linked to the system, you are able to manage many kinds of adjustments of the Mototok.

Mototok RFID Chipreader

Log in with RFID

The quickest log in can be done via a RFID-card and an appropriate card reader on the machine. According to the authorization level, the user is able to move the Mototok, check or adjust the settings or read out the log files.


Service Management.

Work in collaboration online with our technicians if the need arises.

With the help of Mototok cloud our technicians can access all para­meters of your tug in real time – all movements, switch positions and sensor values. We literally see what's happening to your tug right now.


AGV – Autonomous driving

Increase the level of automation by using our solutions for autonomous driving. Mototok can be controlled visually by a line on the ground. Barcodes trigger certain commands in the driving computer: braking, accelerating, changing direction, etc. Mototok can also be controlled by induction loops laid in the floor. Control by means of GPS coordinates is also possible.  On production lines during aircraft manufacture, Mototok is a versatile tool that can be used with great flexibility. During assembly, Mototok automatically moves the aircraft fuselage to the individual assembly points. In very space-restricted production environments, two synchronized Mototoks may also be used.

See Mototok in Action.

An unparalleled Operation.

Product Overview

TWIN 7500 NG Flat
TWIN 7500 NG
TWIN 6600 NG
TWIN 6500 NG Flat
TWIN 3900 NG
T 7000
M 528
M 515
LB 7500 NG Flat
LB 7500 NG
LB 6600 NG
LB 6500 NG Flat
LB 3900 NG
LB 528
LB 9500
Alligator 4000
Mototok TWIN 7500NG Cessna CJ3

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