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Help us introduce the  future of gse worldwide

Make ground handlers, airlines, FBOs, MROs and airports more successful and take their hangar and push back operations to a whole new economical and technological level.

Mototok isn't just another tug – it is a revolution in ground support. Our electric towbarless aircraft tugs already help countless businesses in the aviation industry all around the globe to: 

  • increase the capacity of their hangars by up to 40%
  • cut the costs of pushback operations
  • reduce maintenance and personnel costs and effectuate the quickest ROI of the industry
  • get aircraft movements and pushbacks done safely and easily with a single machine

But there are still people out there that haven't heard of us. Imagine the amazing business opportunities they are missing. You can help these businesses run the safest, easiest and most profitable operations they can. Our list of customers includes:

  • airlines and ground handlers
  • aircraft manufacturers
  • maintenance companies (MROs)
  • fixed-base operators (FBOs)
  • large cooperate hangars
  • military, including navy and airforce
  • offshore operators
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