Watch MOTOTOK in Action

  • performing Pushbacks
  • in the Field of MRO and FBO
  • or at the Army, Navy or other forces.

Our portfolio.

See Mototok in all fileds of applications – in the hangar, on the apron, at the Army, Navy and other Forces …


How to easily take off in time.

See how Mototok pushes back aircraft easily and safely. No winch, no straps, easily done remtotely controlled by the ground handling personnel. At present, the Mototok pushback tugs are already performing their services at many airports.

See also, what British Airways has to say about their fleet of Mototok Pushback tugs.


Precise Maneuvering.

Mototok allows the most precise manoeuvres and offers the highest safety standards. See how MRO companies are using the Mototok as a means to achieve greater flexibility, significant cost reduction and increased operational speed.


More Space for your Hangar.

Mototok is the easiest and safest way to create more space in the hangar. The small dimensions and remote controllability allow aircraft to be placed much closer to each other and to the walls. The hydraulic and sensor-controlled lifting platform makes for convenient and quick work, without the need for straps, winches or tow bars.


And other forces.

We have optimised our models for tough military use. Numerous armed forces, aid organisations and other forces are already successfully using Mototok-tugs for manoeuvring on aircraft carriers in a wide range of locations in both extremely hot and cold regions of the world.

How it works.

Easy, safe and convenient.

See how easy it is to manoeuvre an aircraft with the Mototok and how easy and safe it is to operate. Semi- or fully automatic loading of the nose wheel, precise and safe manoeuvring and highly flexible use of the Mototok in the hangar and on the apron.