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Startug –
Move Aircraft in all directions.

Single Nose Wheel Double Nose Wheel 

Transversal Movement – think outside the box

Mototok offers it's technical ability in developing and producing special customized tugs: The StarTug. This completely new Design of an electrically powered tug offers you the most conceivable flexibility during the whole manufacturing process. Adaptable for nearly all kind of aircraft our new moving concept will revolutionise your management of moving your aircraft.

Move Aircraft in all directions


Transversal movement. 
This outstanding design of a revolutionary idea grants a complete free movement in all directions especially in very tight areas of for instance a production line.


Suitable for a wide range of aircraft. 
Due to the extractable nose gear arm a wide range of mid size aircraft can be moved.


One-man Operation because of Radio Remote Control.
The operator is able to maneuver without visual aid from a “wing walker” to warn against wing-tip collisions.

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