Designed to easily dock under helicopters with low ground clearance and equipped with devices such as FLIR, radar, antennas and cameras.

Mototok Alligator clamps an Eurocopter AS 332
Mototok Alligator clamps an Eurocopter AS 332
Mototok Alligator – Extreme low height
Extreme low height
Mototok Alligator tows an Agusta Westland AW 169
Mototok Alligator tows an Agusta Westland AW 169
Mototok Alligator with a Sikorsky S92
Mototok Alligator with a Sikorsky S92 Helicopter

single-nosewheel double-nosewheel wheeled-heli 50t

The world's most compact electric aircraft tug has now become even more compact. Its patented clamp technology fixes the nose gear securely and smooth. The overall height of the alligator is so low that even extensive attachments below the aircraft fuselage do not obstruct the nose gear clamping.

  • Full electric drive
  • Radio remotely controlled
  • Fully automatic nose gear engaging function: loads and unloads the nosewheel automatically with one tap on the remote
  • Only 1 person required for operation
  • Applicable for single or double nose wheel
  • Hydraulic adjustment of the mouth opening depth for wheels with small diameter
  • High powered electric motors
  • No driving license required
  • Minimal operating costs
  • Park your aircraft using the last corner of your hangar and save space
  • Quickest Return on Investment

Optional Equipment

  • Ground power cable for gound power connection
  • Automatic controls by ground markings (AGV functionality)
  • Adaptations for special demands
  • Spiral cable connection (15 m) between Mototok and control unit instead of radio remote control
  • Saltwater resistance

Mototok Alligator in action.

Mototok Alligator tows an Eurocopter AS332
Mototok Alligator Eurocopter AS332
Mototok Alligator with an EC 145
Mototok Alligator EC 145
Mototok Alligator tows an Airbus H175
Mototok Alligator Airbus H175

New Nose gear clamping mechanism

With the Mototok Alligator you get a machine that has a completely newly developed mechanism to lift the nose wheel of a helicopter or aircraft. This mechanism allows a safe and smooth clamping of the nose wheel at an incredibly low height: The lifting platform of the Mototok Alligator is only 200 mm high. Thus, the alligator fits under virtually any aircraft regardless of which equipment such as FLIR, radar, antennas or similar is installed.



Very low construction height.

Only 200mm height in the platform area.


Mototok Alligator loading process of an Airbus H175

Thanks to its extremely low height in the area of the nose wheel platform, collisions with attached equipment are virtually impossible.


Mototok Alligator loading process of an Airbus H175

In this example, the FLIR hangs relatively low under the helicopter. However, the low design of the platform makes it possible to dock the Mototok to the nose wheel without having to fear a collision with the FLIR.


Mototok Alligator loading process of an Airbus H175

The lifting height of the platform is sufficient to ensure that the FLIR does not collide with the housing of the Mototok even when manoeuvring - i.e. even if the Mototok turns away under the fuselage. Free manoeuvring is possible.

Automated loading process –
Sensor monitored


The Mototok Alligator is operated exactly as you may know it from our other models SPACER, TWIN, and M: With the help of the radio remote control you move the tug up to the nose wheel of the aircraft. The automatic loading process is started by simply pressing a button on the remote control.


Depending on the size of the nose wheel, the 28 individually movable nose wheel clamps are gently pressed against the nose wheel to hold it securely.

Technical Data & Dimensions


Mototok Alligator 4000

Use for

single & double nosewheel,
wheeled helicopter

Maximum towing capacity

50 t
110231 lbs

Maximum nosewheel weight capacity

3.5 t
7716 lbs

(without antenna, grips, etc. on the surface)


2812 mm
110.71 inch


2505 mm
98.62 inch


320 mm
12.60 inch

Lifting height, customizable

up to 200 mm
7.87 inch

Platform height at the centerline

149 mm
5.87 inch

Max width of the nosewheel

800 mm
31.5 inch

Diameter of the nosewheel

330 – 480 mm
13.00 – 18.90 inch

Unladen weight

2.300 kg
5070 lbs

Possible terrain

Concrete, stone


Puncture-proof tires

Advanced radio remote control
with safety features, waterproof, certification of conformity, worldwide safety approval including airports, TÜV certified




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