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Mototoks drive unprecedented Speed and Safety in Helicopter Hangaring!

Mototok TWIN with a AS 332
Mototok TWIN with a AS 332
Mototok M maneuvers a Sikorsky S70i Firehawk
Mototok M maneuvers a Sikorsky S70i Firehawk
Mototok M hangaring an AgustaWestland AW139
Mototok M hangaring an AgustaWestland AW139
Mototok Alligator tows an Eurocopter EC145
Mototok Alligator tows an Eurocopter EC145

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With Mototok tugs maneuvering helicopters is an extremely convenient and time-saving task. Due to the extremely low height any type of attachments below the helicopter such as FLIR systems, radar, headlights and the like do not interfere with the process of loading the nose wheel or skids. Mototok guarantees flexible handling. So the TWIN-Series, the LB-Series and the M-Series can also be used in mixed tasks with airplanes and helicopters.

Thanks to the radio remote control, the operator can always walk around the helicopter during maneuvering to ensure that it does not collide with other aircraft or the hangar wall. Due to the electric drive both operating and maintenance costs are extremely low, so that the investment is amortized after a very short time. Mototok tugs are extremely sturdy and durable, so they can be used in the most adverse weather conditions such as ice, snow or saltwater environments. All Mototoks comes with outstanding benefits, such as:

  • Full electric drive
  • Radio remotely controlled
  • Fully automatic nose gear engaging function: loads and unloads the nosewheel automatically with one tap on the remote (not M515 with semi-automatic loading system)
  • Only 1 person required for operation
  • High powered electric motors
  • No driving license required
  • Minimal operating costs
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Park your helicopter using the last corner of your hangar and save space
  • Quickest Return on Investment

Optional Equipment

  • Ground power cable for gound power connection
  • Trailer coupling adaptor for multi-functional extensions
  • Automatic controls by ground markings (AGV functionality) 
  • Adaptations for special demands
  • Spiral cable connection (15 m) between Mototok and control unit instead of radio remote control
  • Saltwater resistance

Move Swiftly and safe.

Whenever you need to and without any worries.

Low Construction.
FLIR system mounted underneath your aircraft? No problem: The tug’s exceptionally low construction doesn’t get in the way of your infrared cameras, antennas, or search headlights.
Swift operation.
Swift Operation.
Thanks to automatic one-click connection, docking is a matter of seconds. You are good to go quicker than you can say “Get the tow tractor, Randy”.
Sturdy Design.
Our tugs are watertight and saltwater resistant. Built from the best components to be found, they can be safely operated in rain and snow, and even on icy surfaces. They’re virtually indestructible and need close to zero maintenance.

Technical Data

TWIN 7500 NG Flat
TWIN 7500 NG
TWIN 6600 NG
TWIN 6500 NG Flat
TWIN 3900 NG
M 528
M 515
LB 7500 NG Flat
LB 7500 NG
LB 6600 NG
LB 6500 NG Flat
LB 3900 NG
LB 528
Alligator 4000

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