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Innovation Takes Flight: Mototok's Pushback Tug Revolutionizes Airfield Operations

Introducing the Mototok Spacer 8600 Pushback Tug: Your Ultimate Solution for Ground Handling Excellence!

Engineered for efficiency and performance, the Spacer 8600 NG is the pinnacle of pushback tugs, designed to streamline ground operations at airports with its cutting-edge features and unmatched capabilities.

  • MTOW = 105 t (231485 lbs)
  • Electronic torque control for safely and gently turning the nosegear
  • i-NPS – Intelligent Nosegear Protection System with counter steering
  • Gimbal-mounted nosegear platform for compensating the tilt of the nosegear whilst turning
  • Fully automatic nosegear engaging function
  • For aircraft with a wheel diameter of 500 – 850 mm
  • NTO license for B 737 incl. MAX
    A 220, A 320 family incl. NEO
    MHI / Bombardier CRJ
    NTO for Embraer Regional Jets is in progress.

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Pushback Perfection: Mototok's Tug Leads the Way in Modern Aircraft Mobility


Perfectly thought-out design.

Make it yours.

Electrically Powered
Powerful and emission-free electric motors provide enormously powerful driving forces.
One-person job.
Thanks to radio remote control providing 100% visibility, working with a mototok is a foolproof one-man operation.
Low space requirement
Mototok can be parked directly in the immediate vicinity of the gate without becoming an obstuction.

More revenue.

Thanks to the power of engineering.

Cost effective
Enormous cost reduction in staff, operational and maintenance costs. Planning and scheduling becomes more easy and flexible.
Everybody can use Mototok pushback tugs!
A Half-day training for the staff is all you need. No driving license required.
One for three.
A Mototok pushback tug can operate up to three, and in some cases up to five passenger boarding bridges.

Eco Friendly.

And low maintenance.

No fuel costs
Fully electrive drive – green and carbon dioxide free.
Fast recharging
Recharge Mototok Spacer fully in about 3 hours. Up to 30-50 pushback operations are possible with one battery charge.
Low maintenance
Compared to conventional combustion engines and other drive arrangements electric motorised machines are much less accident-sensitive.

Quickest ROI.

Reduce the average time of waiting for pushing back the aircraft!
Every minute of waiting for the pushback tug costs money. What, if the access time to a pushback tug tends towards immediately?
No governmental driving license required.
Only specialized and authorized staff is permitted to push back aircraft with a conventional pushback tug. What, if everybody of the staff would have the permission to pushback the aircraft?
Get access to a pushback tug immediately!
Our concept is to provide up to three boarding bridges with an electrical Mototok tug. Push back the aircraft just in time.

Take a look inside.



Automatic Hydraulic Nosegear Loading

Sensor controlled – smart, fast, easy and safe.



Loading the nose wheel with the Mototok Spacer 8600 NG electric tug is quick, safe and easy. The entire process is sensor-monitored and therefore virtually fail-safe.



Drive the Mototok with opened hydraulical door and lowered platform towards the nose wheel of the aircraft until the nose wheel touches the inner wedge the nose wheel platform. Then press the start-button on the remote control.



The hydraulical door closes.



The closed hydraulic door is now pulled up to a specific pressure on the nose wheel. This means that fixing different nose wheel diameters is no problem.



The platform lifts up and raises the nose wheel.



Lastly the operator has to bring down the safety paddles manually – ready for moving the aircraft. The whole procedure takes 10-15 seconds only.

Convenient Usage

Loading the nose gear is as simple as tapping a button on the remote.

Docking takes a matter of seconds from the rear or front of the nose wheel. Simply drive the Mototok up to the nose wheel. The wheel is then hydraulically fixed firmly in position and raised – ready for take off! All this with no awkward strap, no inconvenient winch. No bolts or tools are required.

  • Radio remote controlled operating under an industrial frequency code approved for airports
  • Automatic connection to the aircraft‘s nose wheel with one tap on a button of the remote
  • No straps, no winch, no tools required

Eliminate the waiting time for a conventional pushback tug!

See what British Airways and Tech Insider say about the innovative way of pushing back aircraft!

British Airways is using 28 Mototok SPACER 8600 to push back airplanes. Using this new electric robot has resulted in a 54% reduction in delays at Heathrow Airport T5. It has also reduced emissions and is surprisingly easy to maneuver.

See, what Tech Insider says about the innovative way of pushing back aircraft with the SPACER 8600 and the SPACER 195.

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British Airways' remote-control pushback vehicles reach record: 100,000 departures.

British Airways has celebrated its 100,000th aircraft pushback using the airline’s fully-electric, remote-controlled Mototok devices, which have been used to swiftly manoeuvre the airline’s 140-strong short-haul fleet out to the runway for take-off for the last two years.

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Mototok: 2019 Product Leader of the Year

We are proud to announce that has named Mototok the "Ground Support Worldwide 2019 Product Leader of the Year".

”Mototok company launched a vehicle that simplifies the pushback operation with a straight forward interface, and hence doesn’t require an additional license to operate. That, in turn, allows more members of ground handling personnel to perform these duties with the push of a button and drastically reduce delays. For these reasons as well as many of the Spacer 8600’s other innovative features, Mototok has been named the Ground Support Worldwide 2019 Product Leader of the Year.“

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Kersten Eckert and Thilo Wiers-Keiser with the award „Product leader of the year 2019“

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