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Mototok LB 7500 NH90 - special adaptation for the NH90 helicopter on high seas
Mototok LB 7500 NH90 - special adaptation for the NH90 helicopter on high seas
The LB series is ideally suited for use on aircraft carriers and similar difficult conditions due to the choice of materials
The LB series is ideally suited for use on aircraft carriers and similar difficult conditions due to the choice of materials

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With Mototok tugs maneuvering aircraft is an extremely convenient and time-saving task. Due to the extremely low height any type of attachments below the helicopter such as FLIR systems, radar, headlights and the like do not interfere with the process of loading the nose wheel or skids. Mototok is the ideal partner for all questions about maneuvering military aircraft and helicopters due to many years of experience and multi-year use of Mototok Tugs on – for example – aircraft carriers.

Mototok guarantees flexible handling. So the LB-Series and the M-Series can also be used for mixed tasks with airplanes and helicopters. Thanks to the radio remote control, the operator can always walk around the aircraft during maneuvering to ensure that it does not collide with other aircraft or the hangar wall.

Due to the electric drive both operating and maintenance costs are extremely low, so that the investment is amortized after a very short time.

Mototok tugs are extremely sturdy and durable, so they can be used in the most adverse weather conditions such as ice, snow or saltwater environments.

Mototok Tugs: Mastering Sea Hawk Helicopter Maneuverability

Discover the unmatched power and precision of Mototok tugs, capable of seamlessly maneuvering helicopters like the Sea Hawk. Our advanced remote-controlled tugs ensure secure and efficient handling of these sophisticated aircraft, even in the most challenging hangar environments. Elevate your MRO facility's capabilities with Mototok, designed for optimal performance, safety, and ease of use.

Update your process.

Lower Expenditure while securing Men and Machines

Tough Conditions
Tough Conditions
Watertight, saltwater resistant and with active 4-wheel-steering, a Mototok can safely be used on aircraft carriers. An integrated magnetic deceleration system permits its use on inclined surfaces. High definition lighting allows battle illumination and night operations.
One Man Operation
One Man Operation
Thanks to radio remote control providing 100% visibility, towing with a mototok is a foolproof one-man-operation. The remote control can be equipped with a helix cable as an alternative to radio connection.
Highly Precise
Highly Precise
Automatic steering control ensures easy and precise maneuverability even in tight situations and positively prevents oversteering. The tug’s exceptionally flat design prevents collision with objects mounted underneath your aircraft.

May we introduce: Flexibility and ease of operation with maximum safety for man and machine

Slide through our models. Pure flexibility. Gentle strength thanks to electric drive.

Mototok LB 7500 maneuvers a F16
Mototok LB 7500 maneuvers a F16
Mototok LB Wide 14 tows a Hercules
Mototok LB Wide 14 tows a Hercules
Mototok Alligator tows an Airbus H175
Mototok Alligator tows an Airbus H175
Mototok Alligator closes its door under an Eurocopter AS-332
Mototok LB 6500 maneuvers a Casa
Mototok LB 6500 maneuvers a Casa
Mototok LB 7500 V22 - extremely flat - no collision with mounted equipment
Mototok LB 7500 V22 - extremely flat - no collision with mounted equipment

Moving your Aircraft the innovative Way.

Manouevering with Mototok is the easiest by far. The fuselage and wingtips remain in position whilst turning the nose gear on the spot for manoeuvering. With Mototok both turning the nose gear and moving the aircraft are two completely different movements – the deciding advantage of the Mototok tug sytem. The result is a minimum requirement of space whilst shunting the aircraft. This example shows that turning an aircraft by 90° reduces manoevering space to a circle.

  • Best overall sight thanks to remote controlled maneuverings
  • No winches, no straps, automatic convenient and automatic quick nose gear loading
  • Low maintenance thanks to full electric drive
  • Lowest space requirement when pushing or pulling the aircraft
  • Safe thanks to sensor-controlled platform monitoring and hydraulic nose wheel pick-up
Low space requirement whilst moving Aircraft with a Mototok
In this short video clip you can see why Mototok is so efficient with the space in the hangar and why manoeuvring is so safe: The Mototok can turn under the aircraft fuselage when manoeuvring - but the aircraft itself remains fixed in position. This is the unique advantage of the Mototok principle.

Outstanding Benefits.

All Mototok Models come with outstanding benefits, such as:

  • Full electric drive
  • Radio remotely controlled, alternatively cable controlled
  • Fully automatic nose gear engaging function: loads and unloads the nosewheel automatically with one tap on the remote
  • Only 1 person required for operation
  • Applicable for single or double nose wheel
  • Hydraulic adjustment of the mouth opening depth to adapt to the nose wheel diameter
  • High powered electric motors
  • No driving license required
  • Minimal operating costs, quickest Return on Investment
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Park your aircraft using the last corner of your hangar and save space

All LB-models are standardly equipped with

  • Advanced Radio Remote Control
  • Fully automatic 1-click-loading system
  • Driving lights
  • Yellow flashlight and safety beeper

Optional Equipment

  • Ground power cable for gound power connection
  • Trailer coupling adaptor for multi-functional extensions
  • Automatic controls by ground markings (AGV functionality)
  • Adaptations for special demands
  • Spiral cable connection (15 m) between Mototok and control unit instead of radio remote control

Navigating Tight Spaces: How Mototok Adapts to Complex Aircraft Designs.

Special Adaptions for different Aircraft Types


Some aircraft designs require slight modifications to our standard models. For instance, the LB 7500 NH90 features a customized nose wheel mount designed to optimize the limited space beneath a helicopter, accommodating various pieces of equipment. Moreover, the housing edges are flattened to enhance safety by preventing collisions with any attached equipment during maneuvers.

Take a look inside.

Using the LB 7500 model as an example.



Automatic Hydraulic Nosegear Loading

Sensor controlled – smart, fast, easy and safe.



Loading the nose wheel with a Mototok M-Series electric tug is quick and easy. No winch, no lashing straps, no laborious bending down to fix the nose wheel. Let the hydraulic system do the work for you!



Drive the Mototok with opened hydraulical door and lowered platform towards the nose wheel of the aircraft until the nose wheel touches the inner wedge the nose wheel platform. Then press the start-button on the remote control.



The hydraulical door closes. If necessary, the sliding table is adjustable for fitting smaller nose wheels.



The sliding table presses the nose wheel towards the closed hydraulical door until a specified pressure is reached.



The platform lifts up and raises the nose wheel.



Lastly the operator has to bring down the safety paddles manually – ready for moving the aircraft. The whole procedure takes 10-15 seconds only.

Convenient Usage

Loading the nose gear is as simple as tapping a button on the remote.

Docking takes a matter of seconds from the rear or front of the nose wheel. Simply drive the Mototok up to the nose wheel. The wheel is then hydraulically fixed firmly in position and raised – ready for take off! All this with no awkward strap, no inconvenient winch. No bolts or tools are required.

  • Radio remote controlled operating under an industrial frequency code approved for airports
  • Automatic connection to the aircraft‘s nose wheel with one tap on a button of the remote
  • No straps, no winch, no tools required

Suitable for different tire sizes.

As standard, the Mototok LB Series is equipped with a nose wheel platform consisting of:

  • 2 wedges that fix the nose wheel in the lower area and
  • 1 or 2 safety paddles (depending on the nose wheel used, can be replaced in a few easy steps).

The safety paddle(s) ensure a secure, force-locked and form-fit fixation of the nose wheel. This safely prevents the nose wheel from sliding out upwards, which would make the aircraft no longer controllable.




Special adaptions for NH 90, V-22, Casa and similar.

Special adaptions for NH 90, V-22,Casa and similar

Helicopter models such as the NH90, the V-22 tilt-rotor convertible aircraft or various aircraft offer little to no space to ensure a secure form-fit fixation upwards. Therefore Mototok has developed special fixation elements for these models, which are adapted to the diameters of the corresponding nose wheels to ensure maximum frictional connection.
M 528 Charger Socket including Groundpower

Ground power included

All Models of the LB Series are equipped with Ground power sockets for supplying the aircraft with power for electrical equipment on board (cockpit, galley, air conditioning, etc.)

Oversteering Protection System

With the help of the torque measuring system, excessive stress on the nose gear due to oversteering or other destructive forces is eliminated, when it's impossible to pull out the torque link pin. When a defined torque is reached, the Mototok warns the operator and shuts down if the warning is not heeded. This is applicable for both single and double nose wheel.

Torque-Link-Alarm-System M-PAS
(e.g. for the F-16)

The M-PAS ensures that the NLG-torque-link pin is removed prior to and completion of towing. The torque link pin must be inserted into the Mototok socket. The Mototok will not drive unless the torque link pin has been inserted into the Mototok socket.


Active steering for operating on ships.

Normally, the torque of one of the drive motors is reduced to steer the Mototok. Steerable castors ensure that the loss of torque, which is actually necessary for propulsion, remains as low as possible.

The advantage is better steerability on inclined planes and slippery surfaces such as aircraft carriers.


Magnetic Emergency System for Aircraft Carrier

The magnetic emergency system prevents the mototok from slipping on the surface of an aircraft carrier during heavy weather and sea conditions at an extreme incline. A strong permanent magnet on each side of the Mototok ensures a secure hold on metal ship decks in case of emergency. They can be activated by the operator manually on the remote when there is a risk of sliding.


Trailor coupling adaptor. Mototok pulls everything.

The Mototok is also designed for towing a wide range of equipment outside of aircraft. It excels at tasks such as towing ground equipment like fuel tankers, maintenance carts, baggage carts, and more. Thanks to its impressive maneuverability and power, the Mototok has become an essential tool for efficiently and instantly moving equipment within the confined spaces of an aircraft carrier or other locations.

Mototok LB-Series Remote-Control with coiled cable

Spiral cable for the Remote Control

In certain cases, opting for a cable connection instead of a radio remote control to operate the Mototok can offer distinct advantages. Cable connections provide a more stable and reliable communication link, especially in environments with potential radio frequency interference or electromagnetic disturbances. Additionally, cable connections often offer increased security, as they are less susceptible to unauthorized access or signal interception. They can also provide a higher level of precision and responsiveness, ensuring precise control over the Mototok's movements. Furthermore, cable connections eliminate concerns about signal range limitations that can be associated with radio remote controls. In summary, choosing a cable connection can be beneficial when prioritizing stability, security, precision, and uninterrupted operation.

Technical Data

LB 7500 NG Flat
LB 7500 NG
LB 6600 NG
LB 6500 NG Flat
LB 3900 NG
LB 528
LB 9500

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