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Watch this video to learn how to generate more efficiency in your pushback operations:


Electrically Powered

Electrically powered pushback tugs.
Powerful and emission-free electric motors provide enormously powerful driving forces.


One-person job.
Thanks to radio remote control providing 100% visibility, working with a mototok is a foolproof one-man operation.

Low Space-Requirement
Low space requirement.

Mototok can be parked directly in the immediate vicinity of the gate without becoming an obstuction.

More Revenue thanks to power of engineering.

Cost Effective

Cost effective.
Enormous cost reduction in staff, operational and maintenance costs. Planning and scheduling becomes more easy and flexible.

No Driving Licence required

Everybody can use Mototok pushback tugs!
A Half-day training for the staff is all you need. No driving license required.

One for three boarding bridges

One for three.
One Mototok pushback tug is able to manage up to three boarding bridges.

Eco friendly and low maintenance.


No fuel costs.
Fully electrive drive – green and carbon dioxide free.

Fast recharging

Fast recharging.
Recharge Mototok Spacer fully in about 3 hours. Up to 30 pushback operations are possible with one battery charge.

Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance.
Compared to conventional combustion engines and other drive arrangements electric motorised machines are much less accident-sensitive.

The Advantages of using Mototok Pushback Tugs

Advantages for the Airline

  • Safer one man operations – more airline will agree
  • No change of the pushback procedure from the view of a pilot
  • No delays anymore – the tug and the driver are always available
  • Pure electrical pushback helps to reduce carbon dioxide

Advantages for the Ground Handling Company

  • Enormous cost reduction in staff, operational and maintenance costs
  • Staff planning becomes more easy and flexible
  • Training costs for new staff members are low
  • Less complexity of planning the right equipment available with the right staff in time

Advantages for the Airport

  • 100 % green operation – no hybrid
  • Extrem reduce of carbon dioxide emmission thanks to pure electrical Pushback on all narrow body gates.
  • More safety through total overview of the operator
  • No flights delays anymore because of all time pushback availability = operator and machine are always at the right place