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Only Mototok Aircraft Tugs generate more Space in Your Hangar and on the Apron

More Safety, More Space, More Revenue!

100 % visual control around the aircraft. No knocks. No collisions. No towbars. And optimum use of limited space! Only mototok aircraft tugs are capable of manoevering a plane’s nose a few millimetres away from a hangar wall and, above all, quickly and efficiently prepare all other aircraft or helicopters in the hangar for their next duties.

Pushback capabilities included

Need a combination of an aircraft tug that is excellent for operation both inside and outside the hangar and a pushback tug that is both compact and powerful? Here you are! Watch this video and read more here …

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Satisfaction guaranteed – our Aerospace Customers

Airbus Group and Airbus Defence & Space, Bombardier, British Airways, Embraer, Gulfstream, Pilatus, Thomson Airways, Iberia, Dassault-Falcon, Duncan Aviation and Jet Aviation who are just a few of the companies that take full advantage of what the mototok tugs offers in their day to day operations.

Aerospace Customers

We have over 450 units in operation with MRO, FBO, Corporate Hangars, Production Line Assembly, Military and Private Operators worldwide.

More than 20 features that sets our mototok tugs apart from a conventional aircraft tractor with tow bar or other towing systems:

  • No Maintenance Costs (No Extra Costs for Maintenance Plans, the Quickest ROI in the Industry)
  • Creates Space (No Exit Path Needed for Detaching from Nose, Use every Inch in your Hangar and on the Apron)
  • No Special License Required (No Extra Costs for Special Driver’s License, everybody trained member of your staff can move aircrafts at any time)
  • Completely Hands Free (No Manual Labor Needed to Connect to Nose Gear, No Adapters or Winching Necessary, 10 seconds Connection Time to Nose Gear)
  • 100% Visibility via the Remote Control (Go Anywhere Around the Aircraft for Optimum View)
  • Long Operating Times (Up to 15 Hours without Recharging Depending on Workload)
  • No Emissions (No Nasty Fumes, Very Environmentally Friendly, The Motors are AC Permanent Magnet Brush-less, Which Require no Maintaining, The Batteries are Maintenance Free Lead Gel)
  • Roaming Capability (One-Man Job to Move Aircraft Depending on Company Policy)
  • Auto Guided Option (Uses a Laser Guided Camera to Follow a Line Directly on the Ground for Precise Movements)
  • Fully Programmable (The Braking Curves, Speeds, Initial Torques and Over-steering Protection all Controlled by Internal Computer, Takes Human Error out of the Equation)
  • Suspension System for Nose Gear (The Wheels Have Suspension so as not to Harm Axle During Turns)
  • Turns Exactly on the Ground as the Nose Gear (No Movement of Aircraft's Wings or Fuselage during Turning While in Stopped Position)
  • Highest Traction Surface in the Industry (Optimum Traction by Using Natural Weight of Nose Gear, Great for Wet and Icy Conditions)
  • Hydraulic Deepness Adjustment for Different Wheel Sizes (One Machine for Every Corporate Aircraft regardless of Size and Weight, Can work with Every Wheel Size)
  • Built In GPU (24/28V for Engine Start-Up)
  • High Definition Lighting inside Mouth and Outside (Optimum Visibility during Night Ops)
  • Over Steering Protection (No Chance to Over Steer the Nose Gear in Stopped Position)
  • Charger Friendly (Quickest Charging Times in the Industry and no Special Electrical Requirements)
  • Small Footprint (Fits Nicely in your Hangar and Doesn’t Require Much Space to Store)
  • LCD Monitor and Battery Indicator (The Operator can Monitor Battery Levels and there is an Alarm System to Alert Low Battery at 75% Level, The Operator can make Program Changes and Perform Diagnostics Checks all by the LCD Monitor Located on Front Panel)
  • Completely Industrial (The Mototok 6500 Weighs 1.6 tons and is Water Proofed for any Weather Condition. The Frame and Chassis are constructed with Highest Grade Steel in the Industry)
  • Electrical Magnetic Braking (Once Stopped and Connected to Nose Gear, the Mototok Cannot Move Unless Given the Command)
  • 2 Quick Access Speed Modes (Apply Rabbit Mode for Speeds up to 6km and Snail for Programmable Creeper Speeds for Tight Areas, The Operator can Park Aircraft Inches From Obstacles Safely and Effectively)

Increase the number of aircraft in Your hangar dramatically

Furthermore, the specialised towing equipment can create space for an additional 1 to 3 planes or helicopters in the hangar. Whether in forward or reverse motion, mototok will always manage to create real space inside the hangar. Besides more efficient hangar management, mototok also makes more effective maintenance possible with the range of towbarless, electric aircraft movers it offers for sale.

Conventional situation in a hangar with a conventional tug. Generate more Space for more aircraft in your hangar with mototok.

Conventional situation in a hangar with a conventional tug with towbar. In this case, 5 aircraft fits into the hangar

Same hangar with electric wireless remote controlled mototok aircraft dragger: Increase the number of aircraft to 8!

Aircraft Tug

Perfect use of hangar space at ACC Columbia in Hannover, Germany

Aircraft Tug

Mototok aircraft tug SPACER at British Airways with AIRBUS 320

Mototok TWIN WIDE during rollout of the new Embraer KC-390

Mototok TWIN WIDE during rollout of the new Embraer KC-390

Electric Aircraft Tug Spacer tows a Boeing 737

Electric Aircraft Tug SPACER tows a Boeing 737

Typically Situation in a hangar

Typically Situation in a hangar

Parked Bombardier 604 directly towards the hangars wall with mototok airplane tug

Parked Bombardier 604 directly towards the hangars wall with mototok airplane tug

Dassault Falcon jet parked with a TWIN at DFS Le Bourget

Dassault Falcon jet parked with a TWIN at DFS Le Bourget

Mototok TWIN 6500, the electric tug, tows helicopter eurocopter NH 90

No tractors. No dragger with towbar. Easy pushbacks. Mototok TWIN 6500 tows helicopter eurocopter NH 90

News & Events
Mototok part of the rollout of Irkut MC-21

June 08 2016: The much-anticipated MC-21 aircraft, touted to become a direct rival of the Boeing-737 and Airbus 320, has been rolled out for official presentation in Irkutsk, Russia. Serial production of the medium- and short-range passenger jet is planned for 2017. See the video here.

Mototok part of the rollout of Embraer E190-E2

Feb. 25 2016: Embraer celebrates the roll out of its new E190-E2. Read more here.

Mototok part of the rollout of new Falcon X8

Dec. 17 2014: Dassault has used their second Mototok Twin tug for the roll out of the new Falcon 8X. Read more here.

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